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Kombucha – Slow Food in a Bottle

Kombucha has become a popular source of gut probiotics but not all kombuchas are created equal. I talked to one of New Zealand’s leading organic kombucha-makers about the differences. Since 2013, sixty-nine commercial kombucha-brewers have appeared in the marketplace. Thirty remain with only two big certified organic players left (both from Australia) plus New Zealand’s […]


Making Soil

Turning food scraps into food production A climate action enterprise uses bokashi and no-turn composting methods to create carbon-rich, nutrient-dense soil. I talked to City to Farm who are diverting landfill to profitable crops. Betsy and David Kettle of City to Farm collect food scraps from commercial kitchens in Auckland and ferment them in bins […]

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How to Make Kimchi

Not only is kimchi delicious but it’s a probiotic that is great for gut health. I talked to two kimchi makers to find out how to make this moreish crunchy pickle. Kimchi is a traditional Korean condiment made from fermented vegetables and has a history dating back more than 3000 years. In the old days […]


Sleeping au naturel

On the hunt for a peaceful night’s kip, I visited four natural bed manufacturers and discovered some of the secrets behind a healthful slumber. Many a bad back is caused by poor mattresses, says Sukhita Derova from natural bedding company, Innature. She would know. As a professional cyclist in her youth, the sport put her […]


Blooming beautiful

Flower farming wasn’t in the plan for Craig and Mandy Purvis, but grew out of a shift away from the corporate world and towards organics. They’re now one of the few certified organic flower growers in New Zealand. Craig and Mandy are originally from Scotland, and met in the UK. Craig was a forensic examiner […]