1862 Albertland NZ Pioneer – Port Albert’s First Police Constable

Constable Thomas Inger in his old age with his family and the new Port Albert printing press - Photo courtesy of Albertland Museum, Wellsford, New Zealand

Pioneer police constable, Thomas Inger, kept the settlement of Port Albert in Northland, New Zealand, within the law. Thomas Inger was the first policeman at Port Albert in Northland, New Zealand, and he took his post seriously. Max, now 81, is Thomas’s great grandson, and tells us a little about life in early Albertland. Albertland […]

New Zealand Forty Acre Scheme – The Albertland Pioneers

Albertland – a brief history of the settlement of Albertland in northern NZ through the Forty Acre Scheme and William Brame, whose concept Albertland was. John Williamson, an Irish immigrant who became active in New Zealand politics from 1853, instituted the Forty Acre Scheme. The Forty Acre Scheme The Forty Acre scheme was set up […]