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No Buts for the Imagination

I recognise the idealism, but also the possibility in the concept of peace.  Your BUT, is the thing that everyone says, thus taking away from your capacity to imagine a world of peace. Oh yes, they say, peace would be marvellous BUT it will never happen, BUT there’s too much against it, BUT there’ll always be […]

Steps to Publishing Your Writing

Writing one day is not enough.  If you want to call yourself a writer, then you must do what writers do and write frequently, daily in fact. Don’t feel the need to write an article every day. Instead, work everything you write, an email, a letter, a job application, a blog, your diary.  If you […]

Peace Does Not Exist Because…

Peace does not exist because we cannot imagine it.  This is a truth. Tell me, what is your picture of peace?  If peace reigned globally, what would life be like?  Would we run around kissing each other?  Would we leave our vehicles for anyone to use?  Would we still need a government, and laws? Would […]

Become A Writer

How often  have heard I the following: I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve heard it so often I can almost mouth the words before they are uttered. If you’ve always wanted to write, then you should follow your heart’s desire, which is to write.  It’s simple, and you get better at it as you go […]


Here’s a thought.  What you focus on becomes what’s true for you. What you don’t focus on, has virtually no capacity to impact on you.  Here’s the proof. Put a lovely apple at one end of a table, and at the other end, some other piece of fruit.  Turn your attention on the apple.  Try to smell it from […]