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Blue berries, rosy future

After 27 years of organic growing, Hawke’s Bay couple Scott Lawson and Vicki Meech have downsized to focus on their blueberry crop. Many readers will be familiar with the carrots, potatoes, onions and other vegetables sold under Scott and Vicki’s True Earth brand. Now, with the decision to reduce their operation from a variety of […]


The Magic of Microbes

How on earth are fish guts and sourdough related? Isabel Pasch, a microbiologist, and a commercial baker says the fish microbiome, sourdough bread, the soil, and our own microbiomes, all operate the same way.  Understand one, and you can apply the principles to any other. Loaves and fishes Isabel’s science background, (MSc in Biology – […]

Goodbye sandfly, hello business

Becky Cashman and husband, John Sanderson, started Goodbye Sandfly 20 years ago. They met in Nepal in 1995 while guiding ten-day river trips, each having independently made their living as professional global river guides for fourteen years. In New Zealand, Kiwi John and American-born Becky guided canoes on the Dart River in Glenorchy for a […]

Juxtaposing Social Comment – Michael Rowland, Painter

An eye hunting artistic content with sufficient challenges to drive intense work has drawn Michael Rowland more determinedly into the realm of surrealistic fantasy. Generally a landscape artist and architectural documentarian, the fantasy element has provided him with a new mode for social commentary, and sparked a passion for the exploration of expression itself, and […]

Technology for the good of bees

Technology is the bane and the spine of modern life – think hospitals, communications, air travel – everywhere you look, technology is being utilised to improve the system for which it is designed.  Bruce Trevarthen is a tech wizard who has combined his love of technology with his understanding of production and materials handling to […]