Aaron Scythe, New Zealand Potter – Boar in a Pottery Shop

  Aaron Scythe was born in Auckland in 1971, the year of the wild boar according to Japanese astrology. His wife, Saori, says he is exactly like a boar, running full steam ahead without looking around. Dad is a horse-racing journalist and his mother was a fashion designer who owned boutiques, and the Hadney 5 […]

New Zealand Painter, Arwen Flowers – Lady of Landscape

  “Painting,” says Arwen Flowers, “is for me about capturing the transient moment between states, the border between one moment and the next, one place and another.” The intense examination of life and the environment draws Flowers to respond to edges, in-between places, and to changes in state, both evanescent and physical. Until recently she […]

David Sarich, New Zealand Artist – Painted Language

  “Ikons point to something which can’t otherwise be easily articulated,” says painter, David Sarich. “They’re a way to talk about deeper concerns. Ikon painting fitted my internal language.”           Early and High Renaissance artists, particularly Giotto, Masaccio, and Michelangelo inspired Sarich, but the ideas behind icon painting have always featured […]

New Zealand Painter, Geekie – Inside the Dream

  “Art is the collective dream of a culture, and when understood as such, makes both all the more sublime, and at the same time, coherent,” says Peter Geekie. “A culture deprived of artistic expression is short-lived. An individual deprived of dreams soon becomes insane.” Peter Millington, aka Geekie, emigrated from England to Australia in […]

John Ecuyer – New Zealand Wood Artist

Shield (wood & copper) by John Ecuyer

“Wood is fragrant,” says John Ecuyer. “You can smell it when you walk in the door. It’s a very sensual, soft, smooth, beautiful material and I’m surprised more people don’t work with it.” “In the late 80s I discovered lots of wood lying around the countryside – lots; just incredible. I was photographing pohutukawa trees at […]