Speed Freak Sunday is on!  The drifting and karting demonstration is set to provide an exciting attraction on city streets near the Town Basin on Sunday 4 July.

Spear-headed by Cr. Vince Cocurullo as part of the Vitalise Whangarei Group, Speed Freak Sunday is being run in conjunction with the International Rally of Whangarei.

Cr. Cocurullo says, “Speed Freak Sunday is designed to complement the Rally. The drifting, karting and road bike demonstrations will really show off the talent we have in Whangarei and Northland.  The event is a demonstration only since no-one will be competing for positions, but the skills and expertise required for various motorsports will be highlighted and on display.”

Rally New Zealand will assist with organisation of the display and with safety issues. Although access to the Basin will be left clear to allow full Sunday trading, some nearby streets will necessarily be closed for the one day inaugural event.

“Speed Freak Sunday is a real win for Whangarei and an ideal way to end ‘Whangarei’s Hot Wheels Week’ with the closing of the international rally event at the Town Basin,” says Cr Cocurullo. “With international and national rally drivers in town, local talent will be show-cased.  I’m very proud to be part of the organising team.”

The Vitalise Whangarei Group is a sub-committee of the Chamber of Commerce.  The group has many planned events over Whangarei’s ‘Hot Wheels week’.

“These events are for the people of Whangarei,” Says Cr Cocurullo. “Come into town and enjoy our CBD and the Town Basin.  We hope ‘Speed Freak Sunday’ will be an annual event, so mark it on your calendar and come into town to partake of some serious excitement.”