Peace does not exist because we cannot imagine it.  This is a truth.

Tell me, what is your picture of peace?  If peace reigned globally, what would life be like?  Would we run around kissing each other?  Would we leave our vehicles for anyone to use?  Would we still need a government, and laws? Would we leave our doors open? What would every day life actually be like if there was total peace?

We say we want peace.  We say we abhor war.  We imagine that we are telling truths when we say such things but they can’t possibly be truths or we would know what peace looked like.  And if we knew what peace looked like, we would create it.

Nothing can come into being without thought first, without a concept. Not houses, or tables, hotels or jet boats, neither jewellery or banquets, tools or shoes, fences, money, employment, none of it can be without thought first.  And what is thought? It is an imagination?

If we can imagine it, it can be ours.  If we cannot imagine it, then we can’t create it.  So it is with peace.

When I have pointed out that peace is actually possible and totally likely if everyone gave their attention to seeking it out, people have said, oh yes, you are right; but there will always be war. 

And that is the creation their imagination brings us.

Consider it.

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