Spider web in bush - Photo Theresa Sjoquist

An ages old question…with yet no definitive answer.  Perhaps as many answers as there are humans.

I think we’re here for the purpose of experience.  To experience operating at this density; this density where fear has been a driver. Perhaps it is fear which keeps us locked at this frequency.

Experience – the activity of noting what occurs, not just physically, but also emotionally, intellectually, intuitively. Our experiences have much to do with how we think and feel. When you make a cup of tea, how aware are you of the feel of the cup into which you pour your beverage? How aware are you of the colour of the cup, of the feel of the rim on your lip, the precise colour of the tea?  This is what truly experiencing is. Enjoying a meal, the textures, the flavours, the colours, your mouth watering, the feel of cutlery in your hand.  Such experiences are lost to those who bolt their food, regarding it only as fuel.

When you shower, are you merely getting wet, getting the soap on and off, in a rush to get to a towel, so you can do something else.  Do you notice the way the water springs from the shower head? Is it even, or do one or two holes provide a skewed stream? Do your feet stand with all four corners on the shower floor, or are they leaning mainly on their outer or inner edges? How many different shades of perfume can you identify in the soap? How well does it fit in your hand?

These are every-day experiences that the vast majority of us fail to notice. We’re too busy on some other planet; perhaps the work planet, or the one where we have to get the kids to school.  Whatever the reasons are, we do not experience in the fullest way possible our most mundane actvitives.  Do you believe then that we get the most out of less mundane events?

The capacity to experience is a truly human one and I think it’s why we are here.  Any thoughts out there?

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