In Search of Simplicity by John Haines

In Search of Simplicity – A True Story that Changes Lives – By John Haines


This veritable tome takes us on a very personal journey around the world for five years and also into the heart and soul of the author, John Haines. If you have never visited the back of Papua New Guinea where mining reaps not only minerals, but the landscape, or if you have yet to visit the remote Trobriand Islands, or jungle hinterlands of Indonesia where temples rise from the abandoned undergrowth, then this book will surely interest you.

Starting from his home country of Canada, John was on the career path of material success with a stressful and challenging management position when he was posted to Saudi Arabia to take the next steps up the ladder.  His experiences there led him to question his values, and the ensuing five years of travel wrought changes which saw him abandon corporate life and exchange it for simplicity.

In Tibet, Pakistan, and India where he was exposed to many forms of spiritual practice and belief and perhaps an even greater number of healing modes, the laws of sychronicity began to dominate his life, and are today incorporated in a healthful lifestyle.

In Search of Simplicity, published in 2008, is full of travel tales from the early eighties, as well as insights into the human spirit.  As a genre it might be classified as a New Age Travelogue and although this is a far more substantial book, it is reminiscent of Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

The book is available through Amazon. John’s new book, Beyond the Search, is due for release in February 2011. Learn more about John at his website