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I have long held that no matter how vitriolic I may feel, it is important to never make that vitriol concrete in the real world.  Bad enough to utter unguarded mutterances into the ether, but to give them expression in black and white on paper or blog, is to extend and increase the vitriol and to wish its power onto others.  The old proverb which says that if you have nothing good to say, it’s best not to speak, certainly extends through the arts and creative disciplines.

Not that I’m an angel – you have only to see my likeness to recognise that wings certainly don’t belong on me – and in distress, I am quite capable of uttering words which should never be given voice. Once heard, words cannot be unheard yet their power is limited to an immediate audience.

Words on paper brought through to a public readership should, I believe, express only that which uplifts – whether they convey information or concepts. I feel the same way about music, and art – that there is an onus on the people granted a voice, to use that voice for upliftment.

To convey the concept that we don’t need any education, or that killing is cool, is clearly not uplifting.  To convey the information that people are dying of starvation invites the larger beings that we are to have compassion and assist.  I draw the line not necessarily at what is being conveyed but at the intention with which it is conveyed.

Happy to hear opinions.

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