Te Paki Station – Far Northern New Zealand

Paua Wharf and Parenga Harbour, Far Northern New Zealand - Photo courtesy of Far North Regional Museum

Te Paki Station – Northland, New Zealand. A brief history and a glimpse of pioneer life early last century in the isolated far north of New Zealand. Te Paki Station, 20kms below New Zealand’s northern most point at Cape Reinga, is now owned and managed by the crown, but it was orginally a wedding gift […]

The 1920 Te Kao Farming Scheme

Installation of Te Kao monument - Photo courtesy of Far North Regional Museum

The institution of the Te Kao Dairying Scheme saved the district from starvation and ultimately resulted in the development of the Far North. During the 1920’s at Te Kao, 46kms short of Cape Reinga, typhoid, rheumatic fever, and TB were rife, and accidents in the gumfields common. The road consisted of a rough track and […]