Charlie is extraordinarily curious.  He simply must investigate everything.  If his beak hasn’t knocked it and his tongue hasn’t tested it, the job isn’t done.  Amongst the vegetable peelings Charlie experiments with everything and occasionally when assistance plays him for a fool and offers him garlic, he persists until he can eat it without head-flinging. When assistance has finished with the knife and tosses it in the sink, Charlie races over to see how it has landed, before running back again to make sure nothing else has happened on the bench top which he should know about. In this way Charlie is mastering his little part of the world.Broccoli Bird - 15 wks


Charlie’s Comment: Everything is so interesting. If I don’t look at everything carefully, and test it, how will I know what it is capable of?  One thing I’ve discovered recently is broccoli. It’s so absolutely fascinating…tastes divine, but has an incredible texture.  I think it’s useful to know about everything – keeps me so busy the day just flies past. My curiosity is what makes life interesting for me because there’s always another way to look at something.

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