Charlie is still a baby, not yet six months old, but every day he ranges further out of his comfort zone, and sometimes get’s himself into sticky situations.  He likes to have a warm shower, and will stand, neck craned, gulping water from a single jet of water he has identified among the many jets. Occasionally over-zealous in this activity he slips off his perch with his wet feet and lands in the bottom of the shower with water hosing his fluffy little feathers flat to his tiny frame. That’s when you see how big he really isn’t.  He’d like you to think otherwise.  I’m continually astonished by his lack of rancour when he has these mishaps.  He uses assistance, gets back on his perch, and goes about the business of restoring his previously elegant – and dry – look.CharlieWet2


Charlie’s comment: If i were to be bothered with being upset about what happened, I’d have to have a reason to be upset. There’s no point being upset about falling, or getting wet – those are just facts. No, if I was to be upset, I’d need to be a victim of a slippery perch, or too deep water where I fell.  I would have to have something to blame if I was to be upset.  But if I blamed something, then I’d be saying I had no control, I was just a victim.  Only it’s not true. I might have slipped and had no control over that, but I have all the control in the world over what I do about it, and how I think about it. That’s why it doesn’t bother me.