Charlie loves to be busy and has several favourite toys.  One of them is an old pink stud earring.  It’s metal and glitters – just his specialty.  He spends lots of time twirling it in his mouth, dropping it over the side of the dresser, and trying to remove the rubber stopper (he’s finally managed this feat).  When he’s really going for it, the stud ends up in all sorts of places and if he can still see it, he’ll get up from where he is and retrieve it to play some more.  If he can’t see it, he immediately forgets all about it and is onto the next thing. No moping for this birdie.

Where'd it go?

Charlie’s comment: When it’s gone, it’s gone. No use crying over spilled milk or lost toys. The old paradigm is finished,and the important thing is to see what the new one is like and what entertainments I can engage in there.  It’s called living in the present with what’s available to me.